Freak Train Accident Kills Mother And Three Daughters In Waterloo

Posted on Jan 29, 2011
A tragic Indiana car accident has taken the lives of a mother and her three young daughters. According to the Associated Press, a woman was driving in her car with her three daughters and an infant grandson when she lost control of the car, veered off of a bridge, and landed upside down on a set of train tracks just as a freight train was approaching. Only the infant son survived the crash, albeit with a few broken bones and lacerations.

Indiana Police do not know what caused the driver, 45-year-old Barbara Pierson, to drive off of the bridge. She was killed in the train-car accident, along with her 19-year-old twin daughters Bessie and Margaret Pierson and 14-year-old Elizabeth Pierson. Margaret’s son William has been treated and returned to his father in Michigan.

The car accident took place outside of Fort Wayne on Monday, January 11, as the women were traveling into Indiana for a family event. The train pushed the upside down 2,000 feet before the vehicle came to a stop. Authorities pronounced the passengers dead at the scene of the car accident and were forced to cut William from the wreckage to save him.

The girls’ father was on a trip out of state when the fatal crash occurred and has returned to bury his family. The Pierson Family Memorial Fund has been set up at Citizen Bank to help with funeral expenses and other hardships that the family may face.

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