Indiana Police: Driver Was Huffing Drugs Before Fatal Crash

Posted on Mar 24, 2011
Most everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving – and even of talking on your cell phone while driving. But a recent fatal car accident in Indiana has put the spotlight on another danger – huffing and driving.

Michigan City Police say that a 19-year-old girl, Taylor Dingus, has been charged with felony drugged driving and inhaling toxic vapors (a misdemeanor) after she caused a car crash while high on marijuana and diflouroethane. The Indiana car accident occurred on January 4, 2011, when the teen lost consciousness while behind the wheel driving on Indiana Highway 212. She struck a telephone pole and a tree, severely injuring her 18-year-old friend, Brandy Simcox, who was riding in the passenger seat. The passenger died a month after the car accident from complications from her injuries.

Large sections of Michigan City lost power because of the traffic accident. Dingus tested positive for both marijuana and diflouroethane in the hours after the car accident and a recently-purchased aresol can was found at the scene of the crash. Dingus will be tried in LaPorte Superior Court.

Huffing – inhaling chemicals found in aresol cans – is an extremely dangerous and illegal activity that can cause permanent brain damage, internal organ damage, and crippling addiction. Huffing while driving is especially dangerous because not only does the drug impair a person’s ability to drive, the drug can also cause drivers to black out.

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