At no other time in history has there been more drugs and medicines available to us for our various illnesses and diseases. And you don't have to be someone taking a prescription drug to be witness to this fact. As a country we are confronted with a never-ending stream of television and radio commercials aimed at various drugs, dozens of pamphlets and other marketing materials laying about in our doctor's offices, and countless online advertisements that appear on the websites we visit. But what happens when one of these drugs does more harm than good?

It has been proven that pharmaceutical companies—in certain instances—have allowed their motivation to turn a profit to surpass their responsibility to ensure consumer safety, and while many of the drugs made available to us are effective in their ability to cure, there still remains a number of drugs that are ultimately defective, leaving a person with severe, sometimes life-threatening injuries. Ultimately, this type of irresponsibility is what leads to large lawsuits against drug manufacturers.

Defective Drug Statistics

According to the CDC, more than 80% of adults are on at least one medication to treat a known illness or health condition. Related to this statistic is the fact that each year there are approximately 700,000 ER visits and over 100,000 extended hospitalizations that result from an adverse drug reaction or illness. When we take a closer look at these numbers, a much more concerning set of stats begin to reveal themselves:

  • More than 100,000 Americans die each year from a non-error, adverse effect that was the result of medication.
  • Annually, more than a half million adverse drug-related effects are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • More than 100 million pharmaceutical products are recalled each year in the United States.
  • Annually, manufacturers pay hundreds of millions of dollars to consumers who were injured or killed as a result of taking a defective drug.

Defective Drug Injuries

There is no limit to the number of injuries a defective drug can or may cause. In fact, many times a person will be unaware of the potentially threatening side-effects until months or years after taking the drug. In the vast majority of instances in which a drug causes widespread damage to consumers, it's because the pharmaceutical company rushed the product into the marketplace without providing adequate warnings or performing various testing.

We have witnessed injury types of varying degrees with regard to defective drugs and medication. The types of injuries suffered have ranged from temporary, reversible side effects to permanent, life-changing damages. Depending on the drug that caused your injury, there will often be a large number of similar injuries suffered by others who were prescribed the medication. 

Current Drug Cases in New Mexico

No matter your injury type, if you believe any of the drugs listed below contributed to an injury, or caused the death of a loved one, you should contact our New Mexico law office to speak with a staff member about your potential right to compensation from the drug maker.

If you have a question about a drug that does not appear on this list, it's possible you still have a claim. Simply call us with the name of the drug you believe caused your injury and someone from our New Mexico staff can investigate the potential of filing a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer.

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