Did you know that the majority of people (over 70%) who apply for Social Security Disability Benefits are denied their first time?

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration tells a large number of applicants throughout Michigan that their medical condition does not prevent them from seeking gainful employment. However, after looking at the person's medical history and ongoing health problems, we've found that many of these people were wrongfully denied. Here are 5 important requirements to get your disability benefits.

Call our Michigan Disability Lawyers when the government tells you "No."

If you've received a denial letter from the government, it's time that you ask one of the attorneys at our full-service social security disability firm for help.

Getting approved for disability benefits often comes down to hiring an experienced disability lawyer that offers full-service representation. Fortunately, the Social Security attorneys at Keller & Keller offer our disability clients full-service representation. This means that we handle everything for our client, from the initial application to any push-back from the government, including taking an appeal to the Federal District Court, if necessary.

When you hire an aggressive disability attorney to handle your Social Security claim, the percentage of being approved for benefits increases. The reason for this is because an experienced disability lawyer knows how to cut through the government's red tape. They will also know how to properly file an application (Did you know that a single technical error on your application can prevent you from receiving benefits?). Most importantly, the attorney deals with the Administration, as well as their rules and laws, on a daily basis--they know how to create a powerful case for getting your application approved.  

The disability lawyers at Keller & Keller are focused on one thing: getting you the MAXIMUM BENEFITS and any BACK PAY you are owed.  

What to Expect When you Seek Disability Benefits

Disability Benefits Initial Application

The first step toward obtaining benefits is properly filling out and filing the Social Security Administration's initial application. The administration allows you to file in various ways, either online, in person or by telephone. In addition to properly filling out the application, you will also be expected to supply the necessary medical records that support your condition.

Without a disability attorney, your chances of success at this stage are low. With a disability attorney, your chances greatly improve.

The initial application is the stage in which your disability attorney begins to develop your case by examining and supplying the Administration with your employment history, age, a list of your medical conditions (physical and cognitive), and a summary of why you are no longer able to seek gainful employment.

When you hire a disability attorney at Keller & Keller, you won't need to do this on your own. Your attorney will request from your doctors all the required and correct records that will be needed to support your disability claim. Once we complete your initial application it is sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS) for review.

Again, if you don't have a disability attorney, it's not uncommon to learn that your application was rejected. However, the key is to NEVER give up. If your claim is rejected, you can hire a social security disability lawyer at Keller & Keller that help you with the appeal and be with you every step of the way.


After a denial, you have a 60-day time limit to request that your disability request be reviewed again. This step is called the "Reconsideration phase" of obtaining disability benefits, and many Michigan residents are forced to go through it.

Again, when you hire Keller & Keller's Social Security Team, you're hiring a full-service disability law firm, so we can also handle this stage for you. Like the initial application, Reconsideration is also reviewed by the DDS. Unfortunately, if you don't have an attorney, the chances of a successful review are small at this stage, and some people choose to give up. Remember: NEVER give up! 


Once you're claiming for disability is denied at the Reconsideration stage, you will have 60 days to request a hearing. If you're at this step in the process and are still without a disability lawyer, it's critical that you reach out to us. With proper representation, a large number of disability claims are approved at an administrative hearing. The key is to have an attorney by your side.

Our Commitment to Michigan Disability Clients

Since 1936 we've been helping people, and that tradition continues today throughout the entire state of Michigan. We believe our experience and focus are valuable assets to have on your side as we fight to get the benefits you deserve, however, we also believe the attention and care we provide each client will show how important you are to us.

No matter where you live in Michigan when you hire Keller & Keller to represent you for a disability claim, you have our promise that the attorney assigned to your claim ONLY works on disability cases, and nothing else. We believe our disability lawyer's dedication and focus on this specific area of law gives our clients a sense of confidence as we work together to help them obtain their benefits.

Free Disability Consultation

Keller & Keller never charge a consultation fee for a Michigan resident who is seeking their disability benefits. In fact, if we're able to accept your case, you'll never owe us anything until you're approved for your benefits and/or any back-pay you might be owed. 

If you have questions and need answers, we give you options. You can use our free contact form and write to us with a brief description of why your seeking disability benefits, or you can call us direct at 1-800-253-5537 for a live consultation with one of our experienced Michigan disability attorneys. 

NEVER give up, talk to us today.