If a bad drug was responsible for your injuries, or the wrongful death of a loved one, then you know an approval by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't always guarantee our safety. In fact, instances of prescription drug injury have been on the rise over the past several years, and it doesn't appear as if this will change anytime soon.

Because pharmaceutical companies stand to gain billions of dollars for a well-marketed drug, rushing the drug into the marketplace becomes a high priority. The truth is, pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to ensure their drugs are safe for consumers; however, the potential for big profits sometimes prevails over knowledge that a drug may pose serious risk to the public. Unfortunately, a person's overall health may be jeopardized as a result.

Types of Drug Recalls

Anytime you are taking a drug that is associated with a recall, you should immediately contact your doctor and seek his/her advice. In addition, you should seek out legal advice so that your rights are protected.

A drug recall is typically performed in one of three ways:

Voluntary Drug Recall

This is the most common type of recall associated with a defective drug. It occurs when the pharmaceutical company/manufacturer initiates the recall.

FDA-Recommended Drug Recall

If the FDA believes a drug poses a risk to consumers it will inform the manufacturer and suggest that they stop issuing the product and perform a recall.

Federal-Mandated Drug Recall

In the event that the manufacturer does not follow the FDA's suggestion/order to recall a defective drug, the pharmaceutical company may be issued a court-order to immediately recall the drug.

No matter the type of recall associated with your defective drug, you should always seek the advice of your doctor and hire legal counsel to fully protect your interests.

Defective Drug Injuries

There are several types of injuries that can result from the use of a defective drug; some are temporary, while other side-effects may result in life-long damages or fatal consequences. No matter the extent of your injury, it's important to be fully informed of your rights and know if you're entitled to any possible compensation. Making a call to the attorneys at Keller & Keller's Michigan office can help put you on that path.

Prescription Drug Cases We’re Currently Accepting:

Our firm is part of a legal network that works collaboratively toward investigating harmful drugs. The defective drugs we are currently reviewing include:

If you have a question about a drug that is not listed above, it's possible we can still help. Call us with the name of your drug and someone from our staff can investigate the potential of filing a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer.

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