Over the past decade I have had the opportunity to become friends with personal injury attorney Jim Keller, his wife, daughters and parents. I have always known of his law firm, Keller & Keller, but over the past several years we have worked personally on many cases together. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Keller is truly a "super lawyer" and more importantly, a "super guy, husband and dad."

When we need to work with an out of state law firm to pursue an out of Ohio cause of action or when someone needs a referral to an out of state attorney, I am very particular with whom I associate or send my clients. Very particular!

After spending some time with Jim Keller and getting to know him personally, he has moved to the top of my referral list for the state of Indiana for all personal injury matters including car accidents, boating accidents, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and anything else involving a serious or fatal injury due to an accident. He has been moved to the top of our list for Indiana bad faith, medical malpractice and dog attack claims as well.

Why did I move Jim Keller to the top of my list for an Indiana personal injury attorney? What so impressed me about Jim Keller was much more than his lawyering skills. I expect excellent skills from any lawyer I associate with or refer people to. I was impressed with Jim Keller as a person, a person who takes care of his family and his clients in caring ways. I know I can trust him and I can trust my clients to him.

One of the more impressive things about Jim Keller, the personal injury lawyer, besides the outstanding results he obtains for his clients, is his dedication to his clients and their causes. I judge a man's qualities by how I see him act, not by what he tells me he does. I judge by how he operates over time. Jim Keller is the real deal.

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