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How Keller & Keller Avoids the Common and Costly Mistakes that Most "DIY" People Make in the Social Security Disability Application Process

Keller & Keller can help you file an application for Social Security disability benefits, and will help you avoid the common, costly mistakes that many people make when filing applications on their own. From making the initial decision to file a claim for benefits to submitting evidence of your work history, Keller & Keller provides effective representation and counseling from the very beginning for those seeking Social Security disability benefits.

Our Attorneys Help You Determine the Best Time to Apply for Benefits, and With All the Evidence You Need

Keller & Keller can help you decide whether filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits is the right choice. Social Security’s disability process can be daunting, and the agency follows a variety of complicated rules when evaluating your claim. Keller & Keller can determine whether you are actually eligible for benefits under Social Security’s rules before you decide to pursue benefits.

If we file your application, Keller & Keller will help you submit evidence in the manner most likely to win your claim. We ensure that Social Security has your complete medical history and all of your relevant medical evidence. We also make sure that evidence of your prior work history or daily functioning is complete and accurate so the agency cannot misuse it to deny your claim.

Knowing Precisely When You Actually Became Disabled Is Important to Your Case

When filing your application, Keller & Keller will also help you determine when to allege that you became disabled. Often times, Social Security’s employees will offer incorrect advice about this issue when people attempt to file claims on their own. They will even choose arbitrary dates that ignore important legal issues or medical facts about your disability. But picking an alleged onset date can be extremely important to your case. It could affect the likelihood of approval, what type and the amount of benefits you qualify for, and how much back-due benefits you will receive if approved.

Get Started Today, Call Us to Learn More

If you call Keller & Keller for help filing an application for Social Security benefits, an attorney will evaluate and begin developing your case before your application is even filed. Our trained staff understands Social Security’s complicated application process, and will guide you through it from the very beginning. Call Keller & Keller for a free consultation today.

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