After a Car Crash in New Mexico, Take Our Advice!

man with his head in his hands in front of smashed carIn the immediate aftermath of a serious vehicle collision, it can be extremely hard to keep your wits about you and act rationally. You are in shock and may also be injured, so it's understandable if you don't know what to do. However, doing nothing is sometimes better than doing things that could jeopardize your claim for damages if the crash was not your fault.

As personal injury attorneys in Albuquerque, we see car accident victims unknowingly make mistakes all the time. Sometimes, they were purposely misled by an insurance company, but other times, they just didn't know what else to do. We offer this helpful list of Dos and Don'ts to hopefully inform you BEFORE you get in a crash—or at least, soon after.

What You Should and Should Not Do After an Albuquerque Car Crash

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident that wasn't your fault can be challenging. Following these general rules of thumb, however, can help protect your rights, ensure you receive appropriate compensation, and support your physical and emotional recovery.

DO NOT Fail to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

After a car accident, even if it wasn't your fault, one common mistake is failing to seek immediate medical attention. Some injuries may not exhibit symptoms right away, and delaying treatment can worsen your condition. Get to an emergency room or urgent care as soon as possible, document your injuries, and follow your doctor's advice to the letter.

DO Report the Accident to Authorities

Not reporting the accident to the police can be a crucial mistake. A police report provides an official record of the incident and can be valuable for insurance claims and legal proceedings. Do not let the other driver talk you out of calling 911 at the scene of the crash.

DO NOT Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

Providing a recorded statement to the insurance company without consulting an attorney can be detrimental. Insurance adjusters may use this statement to minimize your claim. Stick to basic identifying information and consult with Keller & Keller before speaking to any insurance company representative.

DO Collect Evidence at the Scene

Gathering evidence at the accident scene is essential. If you are able, take photos, gather witness statements, and exchange information with the other driver(s). This documentation can help establish liability and support your claim.

DO NOT Sign Settlement Offers Prematurely

Accepting a settlement offer without a full understanding of your injuries and their long-term consequences is a common mistake. The first offer is usually the lowest offer, so you will not lose by waiting to consult with one of our attorneys to ensure the offer covers all your current and future costs.

DO Contact Keller & Keller as Soon as Possible

Delaying contact with a personal injury attorney can hinder your case. An attorney in the Albuquerque office of Keller & Keller can guide you through the legal process, protect your rights, and help maximize your compensation. Call our office as soon as possible after the crash.

DO NOT Post on Social Media

Posting on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok about the accident or your injuries can be problematic. Insurance companies may use your posts against you. Be cautious about sharing any details about your case online, even if you think your social media accounts are private and you know all of your friends and followers.

DO Focus on Your Emotional and Mental Health

Don't overlook the emotional and mental toll of a car accident. Seek support from mental health professionals if needed. Emotional distress can impact your overall well-being and your ability to recover. Treatment for emotional injuries will be compensated just like treatment for physical injuries.

DO NOT Neglect Long-Term Medical Care

Injuries may require ongoing medical care or rehabilitation. Neglecting long-term treatment can harm your recovery and limit your ability to claim damages for future medical expenses. Follow your medical treatment plan diligently.

We realize that this is a lot to remember, especially in the confusing and stressful moments after a crash, but if you only remember one thing, remember this: call the experienced car accident attorneys at Keller & Keller as soon as you or a family member is able to after the crash, and we will guide you the rest of the way!

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