Long Term Disability Benefits Were Denied by Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

Keller & Keller's disability attorneys provide legal representation when short term or long term disability benefits have been wrongly denied by an insurance company. We have prepared detailed and persuasive appeal letters to numerous insurance companies, including Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (“Lincoln”).

Our Experience and Hard Work Helped This Client Get the Benefits She Needed

Keller & Keller represented an employee of a county library who received long term disability insurance coverage from Lincoln as an employee benefit. Despite a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis with complications—vision loss, inability to walk or move without a wheelchair, fatigue, and slowed work pace—Lincoln wrongly denied her disability benefits and claimed that she could continue to work as a librarian. When she received a denial letter from Lincoln Insurance, she contacted Keller & Keller for a free consultation with a disability attorney. After a free consultation, she decided to hire Keller & Keller to serve as her disability lawyer.

Over the course of our legal representation, we communicated with our client’s doctors to gather the medical evidence necessary for an appeal to Lincoln. We also pored over the information found in Lincoln’s disability claim file to uncover errors made by Lincoln during the claims process. After receiving all evidence and carefully reviewing all information, one of our disability attorneys submitted a comprehensive and persuasive appeal letter to Lincoln. After Lincoln’s review of our appeal, Lincoln determined that its initial denial of benefits was wrong, and approved our client’s claim for long term disability benefits back to the first date of eligibility.

Because our client was also eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, Keller & Keller filed a SSDI application on her behalf. Keller & Keller submitted supportive medical evidence to the Social Security Administration with her application, and our client was also approved for SSDI benefits. She now receives both long term disability benefits from Lincoln and SSDI benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Contact Keller & Keller for Help With Your Disability Claim

Keller & Keller represents individuals with disabilities who can no longer work. We can assist those who have been denied Social Security Disability benefits or long term disability benefits. Keller & Keller can help you in every step of the way: initial application, appeal process, presenting your case to a judge, and litigating your case in court if benefits are wrongly denied. Keller & Keller has experience in Social Security disability claims, as well as short term and long term disability cases (both ERISA and non-ERISA cases).

Call Keller & Keller today to speak with an experienced disability attorney. We provide a free consultation and can help you receive the disability benefits that you deserve.

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