How much does it cost to hire a car accident attorney?

Personal injury attorney shaking hands after discussing a car accident claim.For many people, their only experience with attorneys has been when using one for a real estate sale, divorce, or to make an estate plan. These attorneys usually charge for their services at an hourly rate. The thought of paying an attorney to handle your car accident claim at an hourly rate may seem prohibitively expensive—and it probably would be. However, most Indianapolis car accident attorneys—including Keller & Keller—charge clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not pay anything until and unless we win your case.

How Does a Contingency Fee Work in Indiana?

If your accident involved a commercial vehicle, serious injuries, or a dispute over fault, you will want to look into hiring an attorney to represent you. These kinds of cases can be complicated and, without legal representation, the average victim is likely to be taken advantage of by other attorneys or the insurance company.

At Keller & Keller, your first step will be a free consultation with us where we will review your case and make sure it will benefit you to hire us. After that, we will outline our contingency fee agreement, telling you upfront what percentage of the final settlement will go to us and whether you will be responsible for any other expenses. In most cases, you will pay nothing until your case is concluded to your satisfaction.

Having an Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Could Make All the Difference in Your Injury Claim

While you may not like the idea of giving part of your much-needed settlement to an attorney, it’s important to understand that, in most cases, car accident attorneys are able to negotiate a much higher settlement—even if it means taking the at-fault party to court to get it—than you would get on your own. So, even when you give up a percentage to an attorney, you are still better off than you would have been with the insurance adjuster’s first offer.

If you have questions about what your case might be worth and what our representation will cost you, call or connect with us through our website. We are happy to take a look at your claim.

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