I am the victim of a dog bite and the owner of the dog asked me to sign something from his insurance company, should I sign it?

No document should ever be signed in connection with a pending or potential legal claim without counsel from a knowledgeable attorney. Documents prepared by insurance companies that require the signature of the victim often contain “release” language, which, if signed by the victim, may effectively eliminate the right to seek compensation for the injuries and losses they are legally entitled to recover as a result of the dog bite. While some insurance documents may simply seek legal “authorization” on the part of the insurance company to obtain the victim’s medical records and bills, such documents are often lengthy and filled with legal terminology, which makes them difficult to understand except by experienced attorneys. For this reason, it is always prudent to have any document sent to you by any third party, including an insurance company, in connection with a claim for personal injury reviewed by a reputable attorney before signing it. The Indianapolis dog bite lawyer at Keller and Keller will advise you of your legal rights in regard to such matters free of charge. 
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