What evidence is needed to prove fault in an Indiana motorcycle crash?

Motorcycle and SUV Wreckage After a CollisionYou enjoy the days when the weather allows you to ride your motorcycle in Indiana, whether it’s to work or just for fun. However, you are always aware that you are at the mercy of other drivers. If your luck runs out one day and you are hit or run off the road by a careless driver, you need to be prepared to protect your claim for compensation. If you are physically able, we recommend that you do your best to gather some evidence of the other driver’s fault at the scene of the crash.

Important Evidence to Collect at the Scene of an Indianapolis Motorcycle Crash

Unfortunately, motorcycle accident victims are often unable to take steps to protect their recovery at the scene because of the seriousness of their injuries. However, if you are conscious and able to move around, your claim against the negligent driver will be strengthened by the following types of evidence:

  • Pictures. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the scene before anything is moved. You will want pictures of your bike from a variety of angles to show the damage and shots of any other vehicles involved in the crash. You should also take pictures of the entire scene from a distance and document your own injuries with photos.
  • Witness statements. Get statements from any and all witnesses that will collaborate the date, time of day, road conditions, actions of the other driver, and other details of the crash. You should also write down your own observations about weather conditions, type of road, speed of travel, and so on.
  • Medical records. It is important that you see a doctor as soon as possible after the crash. Not only will you get the medical treatment you need, but your visit will also establish the nature and extent of your injuries, which can be presented as part of your injury claim later on.

You can be sure that the defendants’ attorneys will try to establish that some other factor contributed to the accident, so you must be prepared to refute that.

How the Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Keller & Keller Will Help

Along with the evidence you have gathered, a prompt investigation is essential. This is because the insurance company will always attempt to prove that the motorcyclist was to some extent at fault to diminish the value of the motorcyclist’s claim.

The experienced Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney team at Keller and Keller will make use of extensive resources and ensure that no evidence is lost or tampered with in regard to your injury claim. It is important that evidence not be lost in motorcycle accident claims, as it is imperative that we present this evidence to the insurance company. Fill out the contact form on this page to learn more about motorcycle accident claims in Indiana.


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