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Is an investigation important in an Indiana truck accident case?

Investigation FolderA thorough investigation by an experienced law firm is extremely important in all cases, but even more so in truck cases. Truck crashes differ in many ways from ordinary car accidents. For one thing, truck crashes involve not only the driver, but his employer, their attorneys, and their insurer. Truck drivers are subject to federal laws that non-commercial drivers are not. All of these facts mean that the victim of a crash with a commercial truck needs to make sure the circumstances are investigated by someone who is on his side.

Was the Driver Violating Federal Law?

One federal law that truck drivers often violate is the hours of service limits. An experienced attorney will know that commercial truck drivers must keep a log and by law may only drive a certain number of hours per day. Therefore, it is important to establish whether the log was properly kept and whether the driver was within the allotted hours of driving time when an accident occurred. Violation of these standards may impose additional liability on the truck. A complete investigation of the crash will reveal these violations, which may help the victim secure a better settlement.

Our Attorneys Are Experienced Investigators

Seeking immediate counsel with the law firm of Keller and Keller will help to ensure that valuable evidence such a driving log does not disappear. We will investigate your crash with an Indiana trucker and make sure all evidence is preserved. Call one of our Indiana offices today to find out more about how we can help.


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