Watch Out for Delivery Trucks on Local Roads

Do You Know Why You Should Watch Out for Box Trucks and Delivery Trucks on the Roads?When people think about truck accidents, they usually think about tractor trailers on Indiana highways, but there is another commercial truck danger that is much closer to home. Delivery trucks—think packages, flowers, baked goods, and beverage distributors—can be unstable vehicles operated by inexperienced drivers. If you are in a crash caused by one of these drivers, you could be liable for damages from several parties. We take a look at common causes of delivery truck crashes.

These Are Not Easy Vehicles to Drive

Also known as box trucks, most delivery vehicles are high-profile, unstable trucks with a manual transmission. Some common causes of box truck crashes include the following:

  • Speeding. Delivery drivers are under pressure to finish their routes by a certain time, leading to speeding and reckless driving on busy local streets.
  • Sudden stops. Drivers who are unfamiliar with their delivery route may have difficulty finding addresses and could stop suddenly, causing a crash with the car following behind.
  • Poor loading. When cargo is poorly loaded, the weight of the box truck could be unbalanced, making it difficult for the driver to maneuver safely through city and residential streets.
  • Illegal parking. Blocking roads, driveways, and parking lots to make a delivery can force cars to try to drive around a delivery truck and into the path of an oncoming car.
  • Inexperience. Some businesses have a high turnover in delivery drivers, resulting in inexperienced people behind the wheel of a vehicle that is challenging to operate.
  • Distraction. Consulting a phone or GPS to find an address, checking personal messages, dozing off at the end of a long shift, and talking to a co-driver can distract a delivery truck driver to the point of causing an accident.

If you are hit by a box truck driver in Indianapolis, you may be able to hold the driver and his employer responsible for your damages, but you need an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer on your side to get the attention of these often heavily-insured defendants. Contact Keller & Keller if you were injured in a delivery truck accident.


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