New Mexico Truck Crashes Cause Devastating Injuries

If you were the victim of a crash with a semi-truck in New Mexico, we don’t have to tell you how serious your injuries may be. In a big rig vs. passenger car collision, the occupants of the car are always on the losing side. The injuries sustained are often catastrophic and sometimes even fatal. We take a look at some of the common injuries victims of truck accidents suffer and why they need a fair settlement from the trucker to recover.

Common Injuries Sustained in New Mexico Truck Crashes

Very rarely are victims lucky enough to escape a truck crash with only bumps and bruises. Instead, they are all too often left trying to recover from the following catastrophic injuries:

  • Broken bones. The impact of a truck crash can shatter bones that are very difficult to heal. Broken ribs or collar bones, a fractured pelvis, shattered hip bones, and compound fractures of the leg bones can require surgery to repair and months of rehabilitation to get back on your feet.
  • Head and brain injuries. Even when there is no direct impact to the head, the force of a collision with a truck can cause the brain to be shaken up inside the skull, resulting in swelling, brain bleeds, and permanent cognitive damage. Brain injuries are often not diagnosed immediately, and a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI) could require years of rehabilitation and a lifetime of care.
  • Spinal cord damage. Injury to the bones, muscles, or nerves of the spinal column can cause permanent partial or complete paralysis. This kind of injury is life-changing and requires millions of dollars in medical treatment, adaptive devices, and personal care over a lifetime.
  • Burns. A collision with any truck could cause a vehicle fire, but fuel tankers are a particular danger to motorists. Severe burns not only cause scarring and disfigurement, but can permanently damage the lungs, making breathing difficult for life. Burn victims often live with chronic pain. Skin grafts, breathing treatments, and plastic surgery may be required over many years.
  • Loss of limbs. Arms, legs, hands, and feet can be crushed or burned so badly in a truck crash that they must be amputated. The force of impact in some truck crashes could sever limbs, leaving the victim with a lifelong disability.
  • Internal injuries. While they may save an occupant’s life, seat belts and airbags can also impact the body in such a way during a collision that internal organs such as the bladder, spleen, liver, kidneys, or bowels are damaged. These injuries are often life-threatening and require emergency surgery and a lifetime of medication and care.

These kinds of catastrophic injuries are extremely costly to treat over a lifetime. It is impossible to know how much money will be needed to care for an accident victim at the time of the crash or settlement of the claim. That is why you need a law firm on your side with experience in valuing these kinds of claims.

Keller & Keller Are Your Go-to Truck Accident Attorneys in New Mexico

Truck accident claims require special handling by knowledgeable attorneys because of the severe injuries and large amounts of money involved. Truckers and their employers are required to be heavily insured, but their lawyers will fight to reduce what they owe, even when they are determined to be at fault. You need a truck accident attorney on your side who understands the lifelong costs of your injuries and will not settle for less than what you need and deserve. The truck accident attorneys at Keller & Keller will account for all of your potential expenses, including the following:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Follow-up care, including surgeries and hospitalizations
  • Medications and other treatments
  • Physical therapy, rehabilitation, and counseling
  • Medical equipment such as a wheelchair, hospital bed, daily living aids, and breathing aids 
  • Modifications to the home or vehicle to accommodate disabilities
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering and emotional distress

Schedule your free case evaluation in our Albuquerque office today. Our attorneys have the experience you want on your side when you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a commercial truck crash. We are standing by to help you.


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