Do I Still Have A Case If I Was Bitten In A Dog Park?

Dog parks are popular in many towns and cities as an enclosed space where dog owners can take their pets and play on public land off-leash. Dog parks are places for multiple dogs to run, fetch, and socialize without having to worry about common leash laws that are in effect outside of the dog park's fences.


You might wonder, however—if I am bitten by an aggressive dog in a dog park, is it may fault or the owner's fault? Is the owner still negligent for allowing his dog to harm another person? Can I still get compensation for my medical bills, reconstructive surgery, or long-term damage caused by the dog bite?

Owners Are Still Responsible for The Behavior of Thier Dogs. Even in a Dog Park

The answer is that even though you were bitten in a dog park, and even though dogs are not required to wear leashes in a dog park, it does not mean that dogs have a right to bite you or that owners no longer have to be liable for the actions of their dogs. Just because dogs can roam free in dog parks does not mean that dogs can freely bite humans or that owners can let aggressive dogs roam freely without consequences.

The bottom line is that the owners of aggressive dogs have a responsibility to keep others safe from their pets. If an owner is aware that their pet has the potential to bite someone else, they are irresponsible in bringing their dog to the dog park in the first place. Especially if the dog has a history of biting other animals or other humans, the owner could be negligent in letting the dog off its leash in any public situation.

Dog bite cases can be complicated; the very best way to know whether or not you have a legitimate dog bite injury legal case is to contact an experienced dog bite attorney that can evaluate your case and answer questions specific to your individual situation. Contact us today.

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