Elderly Are At High Risk For Dog Attacks In Indiana

This month in Indiana, an elderly Harrison County man was the victim of a dog attack that left the 86-year-old veteran hospitalized with serious injuries. Unfortunately, dog bites and dog attacks that involves the elderly are more important that you might think. While it is widely known that have of all dog bites involve children, many do not know that the second most susceptible age group are the elderly – people who are often minding their own business when a dangerous dog decides to go on attack.

Elderly dog bite victims are often attacked either on their own property by a loose dog or as they walk in their neighborhoods. It is a common story to hear of a senior getting their mail, taking a walk, or working in their yard at the time of an unprovoked dog attack. Because they are older, dogs may feel less threatened by seniors, and because they may be more frail, a strong dog such as a pit bull can easily over power an older man or woman.

How can we prevent Indiana dog attacks involving the elderly?

•    Make sure your dogs are secured by a leash, chain, or fence. Dog attacks involving the elderly often involve a loose, vicious dog. Even if your dog is not prone to aggressive behavior, make sure that your pet is safely secured in a fenced yard or by a leash at all times.
•    Check in on your elderly neighbors. Too often the elderly have to wait for help during or after a dog attack. Be a concerned neighbor and check in on seniors regularly – but especially if you sense something might be wrong.
•    Report strays and loose dogs. If you see a loose dangerous dog in your neighborhood, call the police. Even if you don’t feel threatened by the dog yourself, it could be a danger to seniors or children.
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