Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney: Motorcycle Crashes Caused by Rider Inexperience

When most people think about the most common causes of Indiana motorcycle accidents, they invariably list speeding, reckless driving, and drunk driving. However, one of the top causes of motorcycle injuries and motorcycle fatalities is much more innocuous than that: inexperienced motorcycle riders.

Truth be told, riding a motorcycle is significantly more difficult than driving a car. The two-wheeled vehicles require balance and knowledge of the bike while shifting gears simply takes practice. However, many riders believe that they can jump on a bike and immediately zip around like the footage they’ve seen in action movies. That misconception leads to thousands of motorcycle crashes across the country each year.

How Can You Prevent Motorcycle Accidents as an Inexperienced Rider? person driving and turning motorcycle down road in Indianapolis

  • Get your motorcycle license! A shocking number of motorcycle accidents involve someone without a proper motorcycle license. In Indiana, a person must take a written test as well as a skills test in order to legally ride. These tests are designed to prevent unskilled riders from being a danger on the road. 
  • Follow the rules of the road. Speeding is obviously dangerous and illegal for all motorcycle riders. However, speeding even a few miles over the limit can be an extremely poor decision with serious consequences for riders without experience. 
  • Educate yourself. Some common hazards on motorcycles aren’t issues in larger vehicles. Be especially cautious of uneven pavement and sharp turns – two issues that are often factors in motorcycle accidents involving new riders. 
  • Be visible. New motorcycle riders may not realize how much smaller their vehicle is or how much harder they are to see. Never assume that an oncoming car sees you and will yield the right of way. 
  • Practice in low-traffic areas. While it is tempting to hit the open road as soon as you have your license, it is important to take it slow and slowly challenge yourself.
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