A Sick Or Injured Dog Is A Dangerous Dog

Not all dogs are innately aggressive or prone to attacking humans. In fact, most dogs do not want to involve themselves in a fight with any animal if they can avoid it. However, some animals are put into specific situations that make them more aggressive or more likely to lash out at humans. For example, a sick dog or injured dog is more likely to attack you if you approach it than a healthy dog.

If you find an injured or sick stray dog, you can and should assist the animal, but be aware that it could lash out at you if you attempt to help it. Here’s what you should do if you find an injured stray dog:

•    Don’t approach the animal or back the animal into a corner – at this point, you must understand that the dog is scared and believes that it is fighting for its life. It will do anything – including attack you – in order to get to a safe place.
•    Speak quietly and calmly to the animal while keeping your distance. Don’t make any fast movements or raise your voice, as that may frighten the dog or cause it to lash out.
•    Without getting too close to the dog, try to ascertain what kind of injury the dog has and whether or not the dog has tags or identification on it.
•    Keep your eye on the dog while you call animal control or a local shelter. When animal control arrives, speak with them about the dog and let them know if you would like to check on the animal in the coming days and week.
•    If you have children, make sure they understand not to approach a sick dog or injured dog – both because it could attack them and because they could be exposed to any disease that the dog is suffering from. Let them know that if they see a hurt stray dog, they should let an adult or authority figure know.
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