Ten Ways Dog Bites Happen In Indiana

Perhaps the best way to prevent dog bites and attacks in Indiana is to understand how the majority of dog bites take place and to make sure that those situations take place. While the dog bite victim is sometimes responsible for the dog bite, the dog’s owner, or the property owner where the dog bite took place, is sometimes responsible for the dog attack and the related damages. Here are ten common reasons that dog bites happen::

  • A neglectful owner does not keep his or her dogs on a tether or in an enclosure.
  • A dog has been trained by its owner to act in an aggressive manner toward strangers.
  • A dog with a documented past as an aggressive or dangerous pet is not properly contained by its owner.
  • A family leave a small child alone with a pet without supervision.
  • A person approaches a dog that is protecting its puppies.
  • A person approaches a dog while it is eating or playing with a toy.
  • A person trespasses onto private property, where they are bitten by the owner’s dog.
  • A friend or relative is bitten by a dog while visiting the dog owner’s home.
  • A dog is taunted or harmed by a human.
  • A dog attacks without being provoked or approached.

If you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog and suffered serious injuries, you should speak with an experienced dog bite attorney today. We can help you better understand your case and seek just compensation.