Semi-Truck Overturns on I-70; Driver Killed in Indianapolis Accident

Posted on Jan 28, 2015

Indiana State Police have confirmed that a semi-truck driver lost his life Wednesday morning after his rig overturned on I-70

It has yet to be confirmed at the time of this report, however, there is reason to believe the truck driver may have experienced a health problem and/or medical emergency at the time of the accident. Evidence at the scene pointing to this suspicion included a straight path of tire tracks left in the grass indicating the driver did not attempt to brake or steer the semi out of harm's way. 

The name of the driver is being withheld until police can properly notify the next of kin.

While legislation and federal laws continue to try and improve safety measures for truck drivers, there are still concerns that leave drivers vulnerable. Our firm has investigated a large number of truck accidents on behalf of drivers and their families to help increase a driver's security while on the road.

Some of the lesser known conditions and circumstances that point to negligence on behalf of a third party include:

  • Improperly prescribed medication or misdiagnosis by a doctor.

In the above story, we would encourage the family to conduct a thorough background check with regard to their loved one's medical history and list of doctors. This type of investigation is rarely, if ever, done without the family's request or insistence.

While this accident does not indicate a roof crush occurred, a number of truck drivers have lost their lives due to inadequate design and proper protection related to the roof of the rig.

We offer our condolences to the driver's family and hope that legislators and safety organizations continue to probe and examine the dangers that face our country's truck drivers.

UPDATE: Indiana State Police have identified the semi-truck driver as 46-year-old Robert Glitz of Beth Page, Tennessee. 

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