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How Much is My Case Worth?

This question is commonly asked by those who have been involved in an accident with injury. But the truth is, no one can say for certain.

A personal injury case takes into account numerous factors concerning the past and present, and depends on liability, insurance and other factors. There are simply too many factors to make it predictable.

If another party was at fault, you might be entitled to full reimbursement of medical costs. Additional funds for pain and suffering, and lost wages could also be on the table.

To begin, the value of a case depends on whether it was an auto accident, semi-truck accident, slip and fall incident or dog bite case. Once you have contacted a qualified attorney, he or she will begin sorting out the details, including the circumstances of the accident, whether any party was liable and reviewing pertinent medical records.

In essence, your attorney will tailor an approach specific to your case. And since it is yours, and yours alone, it is impossible to assign a cursory value early on.

Initially, victims might not know the full extent of their injuries, nor the full and proper course of treatment. As the process drags on, victims often feel a toll on their personal life, which might be accompanied by intense psychological pressure.

Only time can fully reveal the damage done by a personal injury accident. Once the repurcussions are fully understood, the attorney can begin to take stock of what to recover. Generally this includes:

  • Medical costs, past and future
  • Lost wages, past and future
  • Disability, disfigurement, pain and suffering, past and future 

Incidents involving traumatic injuries, such as broken bones, sometimes reach policy limits. In such situations, a lawyer notifies the insurance provider for a certified declarations (DEC), outlining coverage.

Of course, some cases can be settled out of court, while others move on to the litigation stage. This can also affect the value of a settlement.

Too many factors play into the value of an injury case to predict with any certainty. An attorney who gives a specific answer early on runs the risk of bringing serious consequences to his clients.

Beware of dollar figure claims that sound too good to be true. Take a sensible approach with an honest attorney who can address your specific needs.

Contact the experienced Indiana injury attorneys of Keller & Keller to get started on your case. Our knowledgable staff can lay out the process for you and explain what your options are.

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