Can You Get Social Security Benefits for Cellulitis?

You can get Social Security disability benefits for cellulitis.Cellulitis is a very serious condition that occurs when bacteria enter through a break in the skin and causes infection. It most commonly affects the lower legs but can present anywhere on the body. Early signs of cellulitis include redness of the skin, swelling, tenderness, pain, warmth, fever, blisters and skin dimpling. If not caught early, the condition can spread rapidly and lead to permanent, chronic infection. Those with chronic cellulitis may suffer from short-term or acute episodes that require hospitalization and intravenous medication. Complications of cellulitis include extensive tissue damage and tissue death and infection that spreads to the blood, bones, lymph system, heart or nervous system. These infections can lead to amputation, shock or death.

There are several risk factors that put people at increased risk of cellulitis:

  • Injury or Recent Surgery: Cuts, fractures, burns and scrapes can give bacteria an entry point.
  • Weakened Immune System: Those with weakened immune systems (those with diabetes, leukemia, HIV/AIDS) are more susceptible to infection.
  • Skin Conditions: Conditions such as eczema and shingles that cause breaks in the skin can give bacteria an entry point.
  • Chronic Swelling of Arms and Legs: Can occur post-surgery.
  • History of Cellulitis: Those who have had cellulitis once are more likely to get it again.
  • Obesity: Being overweight or obese increases the risk of cellulitis.

You Can Get Disability Benefits if You Suffer from Cellulitis

Because cellulitis infections act quickly and aggressively, the SSA does not frequently approve applications based on this diagnosis. However, since cellulitis affects the legs and feet, those with the condition may have a difficult time standing or walking and therefore may not be able to perform their job. There are two Social Security Listing sections that are used to evaluate cellulitis cases. Section 8.00 of the Blue Book covers skin conditions, specifically section 8.04 which covers chronic skin condition. The Listing requires that the applicant show the severity of the condition by providing information on the onset, duration, frequency of flare-ups, amongst other things including inclusive medical history.

Let Our Social Security Lawyers Handle Your Claim

When struggling with a debilitating yet unpredictable diagnosis like cellulitis, it is crucial to contact an experienced Social Security disability attorney. Our professionals at Keller & Keller have years of experience and know what evidence is needed to make a case. Contact us right away for a free case evaluation.

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