How Much Does It Cost To Hire Keller & Keller?

Our Albuquerque law office offers all New Mexico accident victims (no matter where they live in the state) an opportunity to hire us on a contingency fee basis. 

A contingency fee agreement is advantageous for most accident victims because it gives them peace of mind for the following reasons:

1) They will never have to pay any money out of their own pocket for an attorney, because the fee will be paid from the insurance company or the individual who caused the injuries.

2) They do not have the burden of attorney fees, even if no recovery is made.

2) They know that their case is going to be well taken care of without the stress of paying hourly rates for an attorney.

3) They know that the attorney is working to recover the maximum amount possible.

It's important to clarify the terms of any agreement before you hire a law firm to represent you. It's not uncommon for attorneys to charge hourly fees, making the cost of pursuing a case too expensive for many clients. 

The majority of personal injury firms in Albuquerque will also have a standard percentage that they receive once they make a recovery on an accident victim's behalf. Be sure you ask whether or not the firm's fee is "set" or if it's a "sliding fee," meaning the fee they recoup becomes larger should the case need to go before a jury. At Keller & Keller our fee is always set. The fee we quote you on the agreement is the fee we recoup once we settle your claim, no matter how long it takes, or what steps we have to take to resolve your case. 

Our contingency fee agreement is part of our Zero Fee Guarantee offer. This means that no one from our offices will ever ask you to pay money from your pocket while we investigate your case, and the only way our attorneys are paid is if a recovery is made on your behalf.

In addition to our Zero Fee Guarantee, there is never a consultation fee. This means that you can contact any of the personal injury lawyers in our Albuquerque office and have them review your potential case at no cost to you.

If you wish to speak to one of our attorneys by telephone, you can reach us at 1-800-253-5537, or write to us with the details of your case by filling out our confidential, free online form.

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