SSA Field Offices Have Reopened to the Public

Great news!  As of today, local Social Security offices (also called field offices) are open to the public.Social security offices have reopened

Certain safety measures remain in place due to the high risk population served by Social Security and in order to protect their staff members. Appointments are recommended, but not required. Information on scheduling an appointment is available here.  Best of all, remote services – such as requesting forms, checking status, and reviewing a statement- are still available

At your field office, you can submit documentation or paperwork, ask questions, and establish payment preferences.  This can streamline many portions of the benefit process.  But beware, the Social Security Administration is not there to advocate for you – they are administering forms and managing files.  We at Keller & Keller are familiar with the struggles and mistakes that applicants can make with Social Security.

We’re glad to review your case and let you know if an appointment with a field office is the right step for you.

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