Do I need a lawyer for my Indiana disability claim?

The Social Security disability application process is confusing and difficult. In fact, nearly two-thirds of initial SSDI applications are denied every year, often simply because information is incomplete or missing. While you don’t technically need a lawyer to apply for benefits, your chances of approval are significantly better if you work with one. Find out how an Indiana disability attorney can help with your initial application or your appeal and whether it is worth it for you to hire one.

What Our Indianapolis Attorneys Can Do for You

If you have paid into the Social Security system and will be unable to work for at least a year due to illness or injury, you may think your disability application will be easily approved. Unfortunately, it’s often not that simple. In a free consultation with our disability attorneys, we will discuss helping you with the following:

  • Determining eligibility. Many people are denied because they were not eligible to apply for benefits in the first place. Our attorney will review your claim for free and let you know if you should apply for benefits or not. This can save you significant time and trouble. If you have already been denied, we will let you know if you have grounds for an appeal.
  • Preparing the application. If you decide to hire us, we will help you fill out and submit the application, ensuring that it is complete and that you meet all of the criteria.
  • Arguing for eligibility. In order to qualify for SSDI, you must show that your condition is included in the SSA’s Listing of Impairments or that it is as serious as one of the conditions listed. This can be difficult to prove without an experienced disability attorney.
  • Filing an appeal. Wherever you are in the application process, our attorneys can step in and help with the next step. If you are appearing before an Administrative Law Judge, we will prepare a detailed brief to argue your case.

The earlier in the process you hire an attorney, the more we will be able to help. Our initial consultation is always free, and we don’t charge a fee until and unless you are awarded benefits. Attorney fees for SSDI claims are regulated by federal law, so you can be sure our fees are fair.

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So, should you hire an attorney to help with your SSDI application? Schedule your free consultation with us and find out. You have nothing to lose by meeting with our attorney, and you could have everything to gain. Fill out our free case review form, and our Indianapolis Social Security lawyer team will get in touch with you soon. 


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