Federal Law Prohibits Truck Drivers From Texting and Driving

Driving in front ofbeside, or near a semi-truck puts me on edge. Whether it's the size, noise, or simple intimidation factor of a tractor trailer, most people will admit to feeling a level of uneasiness while traveling in the vicinity of a semi-truck.

The jitters and double-takes I experience on interstates are most likely due to the large number of tragic semi cases that our firm handles. Speaking to Close-Up View of a Truck Driver Using an Electronic Devicesomeone who has lost their child, husband, or spouse to a trucking accident is obviously a mournful occasion, but the fact that it involves a semi-truck always seems to heighten the level of animosity on behalf of all the parties involved.

However, looking up to see a semi-truck driver texting while he's behind the wheel is an entirely different kind of 'frightening'. And it happens more frequently than you would ever know. Fortunately, the Department of U.S. Transportation has taken notice. Effective immediately, semi-truck drivers and bus drivers who are caught texting while driving will be subject to civil or criminal fines of up to $2,750.00.

No Driver Should Use Handheld Devices While Driving

Common sense should tell us that texting and driving is not only dangerous, it's simply foolish. There are endless examples of texting tragedies, yet, in spite of our better judgement, people continue doing it. I have yet to hear a good argument for texting and driving, and if you think you have one, I imagine you will have a difficult time convincing someone who has lost a child, or was a victim of an accident themselves, due to texting and driving. Hopefully, future laws will bring similar penalties and fines not just to truck and bus drivers, but to everyone who operates a motor vehicle.

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