Use Caution at Marion County’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Did you know that the intersection of 38th Street & Guion Road in Indianapolis was the site of 32 traffic accidents in 2015 alone? This shocking Dangerous Intersections in Marion Countynumber earned the spot the top slot in this year’s list of Marion County’s most dangerous intersections.

Compiled by the state of Indiana, IUPUI’s Center for Criminal Justice Research, and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, the Traffic Safety Facts report found that there were nearly 10,000 intersection collisions in Marian County in 2015. Thirty of those crashes were fatal. The 2015 list of the county’s most dangerous intersections includes intersections that have not appeared on the list of the most dangerous intersections in the past. In fact, none of the top eight most dangerous intersections from 2010 appear on the 2015 list, indicating that perhaps improvements have been made to make dangerous intersections safer. This list of dangerous intersections should be a wake-up call to drivers who frequent these areas and don’t pay attention, speed, and drive recklessly.

The two worst Indianapolis intersections in 2010, 86th Street and Keystone Avenue and 25th Street and Post Road, are no longer considered highly dangerous.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Indianapolis

Here are the top six most dangerous Marion County intersections, according to the 2015 Traffic Safety Study:

  1. 38th St & Guion Rd., 32 collisions
  2. 38th St & High School Rd., 30 collisions
  3. Madison & Stop 11 Rd., 29 collisions
  4. 10th St & Tibbs Ave., 28 collisions
  5. Emerson & Victory Dr., 27 collisions
  6. Raymond & Shelby St., 26 collisions

The Indiana Department of Transportation stated that the study helps their organization pinpoint trouble areas and investigate how certain intersection can be made safer. Not all solutions have to involve costly re-design, either. In some cases, the information is used by Indiana Police who make a point to patrol dangerous areas more often to curb traffic violations.

Our Indianapolis car accident attorneys remind drivers to always approach intersections with caution and to be especially careful at these dangerous road crossings.


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