A Motorcycle Case That Is Handled Properly by a Lawyer Will Take Time

When the majority of our clients first call us, they usually want to know how long it will take us to settle their injury claim, and the answer we give always depends on the details of their particular accident.  

If you're an injured motorcyclist, the chances are that your injuries are more serious, leaving you with a more complicated path to recovery. Keeping that in mind, the following 3 factors are the biggest obstacles to settling your claim:

1. When your doctor releases you from treatment.

Personal injury cases rarely settle quickly, and this is especially true for motorcycle accident claims. They simply require extra time and attention due to their unique circumstances, including any disputes about liability and/or property damage. 

We can't predict how long you will be in treatment, nor can we diagnose you or know what injuries may become worse or better with time. The treatment you receive after your motorcycle accident will be key to the success of your case, and it should never be rushed, but keep in mind that it's usually the factor that lengthens the time it takes to settle your claim. 

2. Gathering all of your medical bills and records.

Your motorcycle case is going to be complex, and even the task of ordering official copies of your medical bills and records will take time. Simply put, we use the evidence in these records to build the most professional and powerful motorcycle accident case on your behalf, and without a full set of records, your case is weakened.    

3. Receiving a response from the insurance company

The demand package your motorcycle injury lawyer creates for you is the final step taken to resolve your personal injury claim. This package will include your records and bills as well as an expert demand letter written by your lawyer. We send the insurance company a lot of documentation to review, and depending on the complexity of your claim, it can take upwards of 1-2 months before we hear from them. Typically, their first response just opens the door for negotiations, and there can be much back and forth between settling the claim to our and your satisfaction.  

Remember, every motorcycle case is different, and comparing your case to someone else's, or trying to "speed up" the process is never a good decision. And while we can never guarantee a settlement date, we can assure you that your case is being handled by a firm that has practiced personal injury since 1936, and we also believe you'll be satisfied with the results.  

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn't your fault, please contact our Indiana motorcycle accident attorney for a FREE consultation.

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