The number of semi-truck accidents occurring in Michigan each year is among the highest in the United States. (Michigan averages 100 truck accident-related deaths every year, and more than 5,000 that cause non-life-threatening injuries.)

This statistic is a frightening reality for anyone involved in the violent nature of a semi-truck accident, our Michigan personal injury lawyer adds. Often, physical injuries are traumatic, debilitating, and irreversible. The psychological effects can prove long-lasting, and the personal loss of a family member or friend is simply devastating.

Our Lawyers Have the Experience Necessary to Handle Your Truck Accident Case

Our Michigan semi-truck lawyers are among the most experienced in the state. With over 75 years of experience handling auto-related injury claims, we offer a level of representation that can be difficult to match.

Our Pledge to Victims of Truck Accidents

Many of our clients are surprised and angry after they learn their accident may have been prevented if the semi-driver had followed federally mandated trucking laws. Most people don't know that trucking companies and their drivers are obligated to follow several state and federal trucking regulations to help ensure the safety of other drivers.

Unfortunately, truckers often violate trucking laws to help them meet deadlines, and the result can be catastrophic. Your well-being shouldn't have been compromised so that a trucking company can make a few extra bucks.