New Mexico Social Security Disability Attorneys Helping You Get the Benefits You Need

Winning disability on your own is difficult. In fact, an estimated 65% of first-time claims for Social Security benefits are denied. If you are denied, don’t give up. Whether you’re seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), our experienced team of attorneys and support staff can help.

Not surprisingly, Administrative Law Judges prefer to work with claimants who are represented by an attorney and individuals working with an attorney therefore have increased chances of success with their claim. At Keller & Keller, we offer full-service representation meaning that we assist you in every step of the Social Security Disability Process. Here are 5 important requirements to get your disability benefits.

Denied? Our New Mexico Disability Attorneys Can Help You Get The Benefits You Need

Being denied benefits is disappointing and frustrating, but unfortunately, it is not uncommon. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is constantly tightening their definition of what qualifies as a disability. Most times it is necessary to have an attorney to help navigate the process of application and appeal.

If you’ve received a denial letter from the government, it is time to call Keller & Keller for help. The Social Security attorneys at Keller & Keller offer our disability clients full-service representation meaning that we handle everything from the initial application to appealing your claim in Federal District Court.

Because we deal with the Administration on a daily basis, we know how to create a powerful case for getting your application approved. Our New Mexico Social Security Disability attorneys are thorough, experienced and hard fighting.

Top Disability Benefits Mistakes

Did you know that even one technical error on your application can prevent you from receiving benefits? But, the biggest mistake you can make is giving up. To help you avoid making errors, and to learn more about the Social Security Disability process, we’ve written a helpful E-book titled A Helpful Guide for Your Social Security Disability Claim. Download it here at no cost. This free E-book covers the ins and outs of the application process including:

  • Information the SSA uses to determine eligibility
  • Facts about the hearings process
  • What to do after a hearing loss
  • The strategy that Keller & Keller uses to obtain benefits for clients

Other mistakes we commonly see include government error, failure to include an important medical record, or waiting longer than 60 days to refile after a denial. There are several missteps that can be the difference between full benefits and no benefits. Fortunately, we are often able to help our clients correct those mistakes.

Our Commitment to New Mexico Disability Clients

At Keller & Keller, we’ve been helping people since 1936, and we are happy to continue that tradition throughout the entire state of New Mexico. Our experience and focus make us an invaluable asset that you need to have on your side. We feel confident that the attention and personal care we give to each case will show our clients how important they are to us.

No matter where you live in New Mexico when you hire Keller & Keller to represent you, you have our promise that the attorney assigned to your claim only works on disability cases, and nothing else. Our disability attorneys are dedicated and their education and experience give our clients a strong sense of confidence as they work together to obtain benefits.

SSA Administrative Levels of Appeal

  • Level 1: Initial Determination (Average 106 days)
  • Level 2: Reconsideration Determination (Additional 95 days)
  • Level 3: Administrative Law Judge Hearing (Additional year to 18 months)
  • Level 4: Review (Additional 8 months to 1 year)

At each level, appeals must be filed within 60 days of the decision. Claims are frequently denied at the first two levels, but it’s not until Level 3 that applicants appear in front of a judge. Here, they may present evidence and call witnesses.

Free Social Security Disability Consultation

Keller & Keller never charges a consultation fee for a New Mexico resident seeking disability benefits. In fact, if we’re able to accept your case, you won’t ever owe us anything until you’re approved for your benefits and/or any back pay you are owed.

If you have questions and want to speak to one of our disability staff members, contact us today. You can use our free contact form or call us directly at 1-800-253-5537 to speak with someone right away.

Don’t give up on the benefits you deserve. Call us today for your free consultation.