I was struck by a vehicle. I had reached out to Keller and Keller, knowing these medical expenses that I'm going to have were close to half a million dollars, knowing these vehicles that were damaged that have to be fixed, knowing the healing that my husband and I needed. After reaching out to Keller and Keller, they treated us like family. They were tremendously helpful. That's what we need. We need these attorneys who do care, who will fight for us, and who are injured in these car accidents to the end. Call the name you know: Call Keller and Keller.

What to Do After a Car Accident

The first thing to realize is that you can only collect as much as the at-fault driver’s policy is worth. The statute of limitations surrounding your car accident claim depends on different factors, such as the date of when the accident happened. After you are involved in a car accident, our car accident lawyer team advises you should:

  • Collect evidence. Taking pictures at the scene of the crash and collecting contact information for witnesses, if you are physically able to do so, is the first step in buildingWoman on the phone after a car accidentstrong claim
  • Get medical treatment. Even if you don’t feel seriously injured right after the crash, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Be sure to tell her about the accident and ask for a full assessment of your injuries. Take pictures of your injuries and keep track of all of your appointments so that you can later request complete medical records.
  • Call a personal injury attorney. Talking to a car accident attorney in a free consultation is the best way to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your legal rights and build the strongest possible claim. If you decide your claim can benefit from legal guidance, your attorney will take over, and you can focus on your physical recovery. 

5 Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help After a Crash

  1. Preventing mistakes. The sooner a lawyer is representing you, the more mistakes you can avoid in your case. Insurance companies will do everything they can to trick you into accepting less than your claim is worth, especially if they know you have a strong case. Your lawyer will advise you on what not to do so that you don’t unknowingly lower the value of your claim.
  2. Handling the insurance company. The less you say to an insurance adjuster, the better. When you hire a lawyer, they will take over all communication and negotiations with the insurance company for the at-fault driver. When insurers see that you have a lawyer representing you, they know they have to play fair.
  3. Gathering evidence. A strong claim needs strong evidence. You will need evidence to prove that the other driver was at fault. This might include a police accident report, traffic camera video, pictures of the scene, and eyewitness testimony.
  4. Determining the value of your caseCatastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities caused by a car accident will require extensive medical treatment and long-term care. A skilled attorney will understand potential future costs when deciding on a settlement demand. 
  5. Filing a lawsuit. If the insurance company does not agree to an acceptable settlement, a lawyer will be prepared to take the case to trial and let a judge decide. Insurers do not want to do this, so they will be motivated to give your lawyer what they want to avoid a trial.

Put Our Experienced Car Accident Lawyers to Work for You

At Keller & Keller, we know that finding the right personal injury lawyer for your auto accident lawsuit can be crucial to your success. If you choose to take the quick settlement, your claim may not be handled with your best interests in mind. Thankfully, we bring all the essentials to the table: experience, communication skills, a proven track record, and, most importantly, a commitment to our client's well-being. We serve the communities of Indiana, New Mexico, and Michigan, with offices located in Indianapolis, South Bend, Albuquerque, and St. Joseph.