An Experienced Keller & Keller Attorney Can Help You File Your Disability Application the Right Way

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be frustrating and confusing, as the disability program involves a dizzying array of rules and regulations. The law office of Keller & Keller can help you understand the program and guide you through a smooth application process. We have handled thousands of cases and will be by your side to advise you and answer your questions.

Our Attorneys Have the Experience Needed to Handle Your Claim

For over 75 years, the law office of Keller & Keller has offered caring and experienced legal assistance to clients throughout the Midwest. We take the time to get to know you so we can manage the filing process effectively and efficiently. We will be in your corner so you can avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that can occur on a new application.

If you are disabled but have not yet been approved for benefits, you are likely dealing with significant financial stress. During this time, an experienced lawyer can offer you the proper guidance, helping reduce your stress and increase your changes of being approved.

Don’t Risk Mistakes On Your Application, Let Us Help

Even a minor mistake in the application or during the filing process could result in an incorrect or unfair decision, causing you be denied. Our team will work with you to avoid errors with matters like alleging a disability onset date, providing information about your past work, and disclosing information about your health and impairments.

Our goal is to get you benefits as quickly and painlessly as possible. When our clients learn they are approved for benefits, it brings great relief and peace of mind. We will work to help you get to this point, maximizing the money you receive and minimizing your wait time. Contact our office today to see how our disability attorneys can help you.

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