Can You Get Social Security Benefits for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)?

Getting Social Security benefits for Fetal Alcohol SyndromeFetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) refers to mental and physical defects that can affect babies of women who drink alcohol while pregnant. Birth defects resulting from FAS include stunted growth and weight, damaged central nervous system, impaired brain functioning, and deformities of the head and face. Some children can be born addicted to alcohol, have mental health problems, poor memory, behavioral problems, attention deficit disorder, heart abnormalities, and in extreme cases, brain damage and mental retardation.

Unfortunately, almost no child affected by FAS will have normal brain development. It is important to note that FAS is a lifelong disability that children do not grow out of. Children with FAS will face challenges throughout their lives and will likely need ongoing special support.

Qualifying for Social Security Benefits for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Due to the severity of the defects and symptoms of FAS, children born with FAS may qualify for Social Security Disability as adults. The Social Security Administration does not have specific listing requirements for FAS and lumps them into the same category as other birth defects, developmental delays, and mental retardation. To apply for disability benefits based on a FAS diagnosis, medical records should (1) confirm the diagnosis, (2) detail symptoms, and (3) document the limitations that each symptom imposes. If the limitations imposed by FAS prevent the person from working and are significantly severe, the individual may be eligible for benefits.

Our Social Security Attonreys Can Help With Your Claim for Disability Benefits

If you or a loved one have significant impairment due to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, it may be beneficial to speak to an experienced disability attorney who can discuss disability eligibility. Our >Social Security attorneys have been representing disabled clients for decades. Hiring an experienced social security lawyer is your best chance at receiving disability benefits. Call us today for a free consultation.

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