Why You Should Consider Hiring a Social Security Attorney

Last week, I traveled to Valparaiso, Indiana for a hearing. My client was late and there were two other ladies in the waiting room. One of the ladies mentioned her advocate did not show up, and she wondered what I thought about her chances of winning her hearing. She suffered from Bi-polar Disorder, but she had no idea how to win her case, what evidence she should already have, and, worse, she had no idea what to expect when the door to the hearing room closed. She was afraid. I tried to help.

I am not a salesman. I am not a self-promoter. In a business full of people who desperately shout about how great they are, I am not a person who yells about himself. I don’t even know if she had a good case.

But, I know two things: first, I’ve been doing this since I was 21 years old and, second, I know the rules. I have argued these rules in front of Administrative Law Judges, Federal Court District Judges, and Court of Appeals Judges and I win most of my cases. My team and I don’t abandon our clients at the first denial. We don’t stop defending our client’s rights. We know the rules and we know what happens when that hearing room door closes.

Just Remember 25% of $0 Is Still $0. We Can Make a Difference. I Can Help.

I am happy to say the lady I talked to emerged from the hearing room 5 minutes after she entered. The hearing was continued because she wanted a lawyer to protect her rights. That was the right decision.

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