What do I do if a Permian Basin truck driver caused my accident?

Oilfield Vehicles Filling UpIt is very difficult to act with a clear head after a vehicle accident—particularly after a catastrophic crash involving a commercial truck. Obviously, if you are seriously injured or a loved one is killed, you should not worry about anything at the scene of the crash other than getting help. However, our injury lawyer adds, once your medical issues have been addressed, it’s important to take action to hold the liable parties responsible for your damages.

The increase in oil drilling in the Permian Basin region along Route 285 in New Mexico means that crashes with oilfield trucks are more likely than ever. If you were injured in an accident involving an oilfield vehicle, the most important step you can take is to contact a truck accident attorney who is willing to take on challenging Permian Basin cases.

What to Do After an Oilfield Truck Crash

As soon as possible after the crash, it’s important that you take a few steps to protect your potential claim for damages. We recommend doing the following:

  • Calling 911. This seems like a no-brainer, but you might not think it’s necessary if the crash appears to be minor. Regardless of the apparent damage at the scene, it is important that the police investigate the crash and write a report with the details. It is also important that emergency responders are called if there is a chance that anyone is seriously injured.
  • Getting medical care. If you are not treated at the scene, you should get to a doctor as soon as possible to be fully assessed for injuries. This effort will show the insurance company that you are taking your medical care seriously and could also reveal hidden or subtle injuries.
  • Gathering contact information. The police report should include information for everyone involved in the crash, but you should also get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the crash. Their statements could be important later on.
  • Calling Keller & Keller. The sooner you get in touch with a law firm that has experience dealing with Permian Basin crashes, the better off you will be. Our team will take over so that you can focus on healing from your injuries.

If you are too injured to take these steps, do not worry. Your health is the priority—everything else can be dealt with later. 

Keller & Keller Will Investigate and Pursue Compensation

A crash with a hazmat tanker, sand or water hauler, drilling equipment transporter, or semi-truck on Route 285 could result in devastating injuries or death to occupants of passenger cars. When the oilfield vehicle is at fault for the crash, the driver is not the only party that could be held responsible for compensating you. Our team will investigate the incident to determine which of the following parties could be liable:

  • The driver. If the driver was fatigued, speeding, distracted, impaired, or simply careless, they could be held accountable for the harm they caused.
  • The driver’s employer. If the driver was inexperienced or unqualified, their employer could be guilty of negligent hiring practices and could be held liable in addition to the driver.
  • An oil company. An oil company that cut corners, violated federal safety laws, or failed to maintain the vehicle involved in the crash could also be liable for damages.
  • Truck loaders or maintenance teams. If a third-party company was responsible for loading the vehicle or repairing and maintaining it, and these are determined to be factors in the crash, that company could also be liable.

You do not need to worry about who might be liable for your crash. You can leave that up to us!

Why You Need Our Team by Your Side

Crashes involving a Permian Basin truck are complicated. Multiple liable parties, multi-billion-dollar corporations, and teams of corporate lawyers can make these cases very difficult to fight. Tragically, many of these crashes are fatal, meaning family members might have cause to file a wrongful death claim. In non-fatal crashes, injuries are often catastrophic, which also complicates a claim. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you have an experienced Albuquerque personal injury attorney and an Albuquerque wrongful death attorney on your side as soon as possible after the crash.

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