What is Oral Sodium Phosphate ?

Oral Sodium Phosphate (OSP) is a laxative taken by mouth that has been used by doctors to prepare patients for colonoscopies . The drug flushes stool out a patient's bowels by increasing the water levels in your lower intestines.

Why has the FDA put out a warning on OSP?

New information came to light regarding the oral laxative; namely, that it can cause severe, permanent kidney damage when taken as directed by patients. The
Food and Drug Administration is now requiring that the drug receives new warning labels, a medication guide, and that other safety measure are taken to ensure that those who take the medication are aware of its risks. The FDA also would like to analyze the results of a post-marketing clinical trial to better understand the effects of the drug on the human kidney .

What is oral sodium phosphate called on shelves?

Oral Sodium Phosphate is contained in the prescription drugs Visicol and OsmoPrep . It is also found in the over-the-counter medication called Fleet Phospho-Soda .  

I've taken oral sodium phosphate - am I at risk ?

In many cases,
kidney damage is not discovered until well after the fact, and unfortunately, many people do not connect their use of these oral laxatives with their kidney damage or kidney failure . Some are at greater risk than others - those who are over 55 , those who already have renal issues, those who have a bowel obstruction , and those who are hypovolemic (decreased blood volume).

Should I continue to use oral sodium phosphate ?

Talk to your doctor about all of your medication, and read as much as you can about the substances you choose to put in your body.

I think I have an oral sodium phosphate case - what should I do?

The Law Offices of Keller & Keller LLP are currently pursuing litigation against the drug manufacturers of OPS , and are accepting new cases across the United States. We specialize in representing those suffering from defective drugs and are dedicated to helping our plaintiff recover the compensation they deserve. Contact us immediately for more information.
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