You've always paid your premiums on time, and now the insurance company doesn't want to pay. We hear this from clients all the time. Unfortunately, the insurance company makes the overall process difficult. They want you to give up. At Keller & Keller, we don't give up. Call us if you've been seriously injured in a car crash; we'll fight to get you the maximum settlement.

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What to Do if the Insurance Company Won't Pay

You may have submitted a legitimate claim to the insurance company, and now the claim is taking an unreasonably long time to settle, or maybe it has simply been denied. Don’t be shocked. As a policyholder, you have paid your premiums, and now it feels as if you are on trial for asking the insurance company to own up to its obligations. This isn’t fair, nor is it ethical. With this bad faith tactic, Keller & Keller’s Albuquerque personal injury attorney team is prepared to question claims adjusters, investigate company practices, and challenge the insurance company with industry experts.

What Is a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

While no single one of the following factors necessarily indicates that your insurer is acting in bad faith, any combination of them means that a bad faith claim is probably worth considering:

  • Unreasonable refusal or delay in investigating a claim
  • Repeated or unreasonable requests for information that the insurer already has or that does not relate to the claim
  • Failure to make a reasonable settlement offer within a reasonable time of the claim
  • Failure to offer a reasonable settlement once liability is established
  • Canceling or threatening to cancel your insurance after you have refused to accept a low offer

We Hold New Mexico Insurance Companies to Their Word After a Car Accident

As an Albuquerque car accident lawyer team, we often see the consequences of an insurer’s bad faith actions – the financial burden of coping with large bills and overcoming a loss that should have been covered under your policy. When insurance companies engage in this deceptive practice, real people and families suffer. Since 1936, Keller & Keller has represented clients facing this dilemma, relentlessly pursuing the facts that establish your rights.  

If you believe the insurance company has not given your claim their full attention, or you believe they have acted in a way that is unprofessional or suspect, give our Albuquerque office a call so that you can speak to one of our attorneys at no cost. Contact us today, and we can evaluate your claim to see what additional money can be had or possibly charge the insurance company with a Bad Faith Claim.