Drivers hurt in work zones deserve legal representation

The plan

Transportation engineers in the busiest part of New Mexico have a plan for the region’s long-term safety.

The City of Albuquerque and the New Mexico Department of Transportation are working with the Federal Highway Administration to reconstruct the interchange of Interstate 25 and Paseo Del Norte.

With $48 million in funding provided by the City of Albuquerque, the goal of the Paseo/I-25 Interchange Reconstruction Project is to reduce congestion, enhance air quality and, of course, improve safety.

Travel times will be cut by an estimated 60 percent, according to officials, saving the average commuter an hour per week in travel time. The high number of collisions in the area, approximately 470 per year, is also expected to fall with the improvements.

But, in the short term, travelers in the greater Albuquerque area will face greater danger as round-the clock work crews reduce traffic on vital roadways or shut them down completely.

The cost

On a recent Thursday (July 24, 2014), road work shut down northbound traffic along I-25 at Paseo del Norte for eight hours. San Antonio and Ellison were also closed at Interstate 25, along with a section the I-25 southbound Frontage Road.

That means altered traffic patterns, sudden stops, unlevel pavement creating drop-offs, loose gravel, heavy machinery in the roadway, all of which puts New Mexico motorists in peril.

In order to finish the 24-month project in 14 months, the contractor will be using two shifts. Because work is underway night and day, the threat to the driving public is even greater.

According to the New Mexico Department of Transportation and the University of New Mexico, statewide traffic fatalities in 2013 reached their highest level in July, when 35 travelers were killed. Rises in traffic deaths were also seen during May (34), September (34) and October (33).

Construction zone accidents

For the victims of New Mexico construction zone accidents, a qualified personal injury attorney can be vitally important. So why contact an attorney about your construction zone accident?

To begin with, construction zone accidents often result in major injuries. That means the insurance company will try to get involved early and limit the amount the have to pay. An experienced New Mexico injury attorney can help you receive full compensation.

Additionally, construction zone accidents often involve several vehicles, which will trigger an investigation by the insurance company. An investigation should also be conducted on behalf of the victim.

Work zone accidents frequently involved by commercial entities, including sub-contractors hired by the city or state. These companies usually have commercial policies with limits of $1 million or more. An experienced attorney will examine all applicable policies in pursuing your recovery.

Finally, those injured by construction zone accidents always receive our Zero Fee Guarantee. Every client receives a free consultation and never pays any up-front costs. We don’t get paid until we make a recovery for you.

To reach an experienced personal injury attorney in Albuquerque, complete the contact form below, or call 1-800-253-5537.


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