I've Been Denied Three Times!!!

What to Do in The Event an Administrative Law Judge Denies Your Case for Disability Benefits older woman with stressed look and laptop in front of her

It is quite common to get a call from one of my clients and, during the course of the conversation, they will exclaim that they have “been denied three times and this is a lost cause!” While I recognize the financial hardships a denied applicant for disability benefits faces and the understandable discouragement they feel, I strongly disagree with the notion a denial by a Social Security judge means it’s time to give up. Rather, it is very much a time to lawyer up. Denial of benefits by the Social Security judge is often the second-best news you can get about your case. It means you have nearly exhausted Social Security’s process and are close to the point where you can sue the agency in federal court. While not all law firms are often willing to go beyond the Social Security Administration, at Keller & Keller—our Indiana social security attorney is. I have represented hundreds of clients in lawsuits before the Social Security Administration and before the federal courts

Not only will I represent a denied Social Security applicant before U.S. District Courts in Indiana, Illinois, and New Mexico, but I have successfully represented clients at the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Court, just one step below the U.S. Supreme Court. Frankly, sometimes the Social Security Administration needs a nudge in order to do the right thing and a federal district judge telling them they erred in denying a claimant’s case can certainly apply the necessary pressure to put a case over the top. If your case has been denied by a Social Security judge or the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council, please consider calling 1-800-2keller so I can help you assess your options.

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