Indianapolis motorcycle lawyers have spring-time message for automobile drivers

What do motorcyclists, bicyclists, and the rest of us (automobile drivers) have in common?  The first few warm days after winter will bring us all out on the roadways...together.  The problem is that the rest of us (automobile drivers) are still accustomed to winter driving, and not anticipating the presence of a motorcyclist or bicyclist.  And this means potentially fatal consequences for bikers.

Our Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyers are very familiar with police reports that depict a car resting next to the image of a severely injured motorcyclist laying in the roadway.  All too often the driver of the car is quoted as saying "I didn't see him," or "I didn't know they were in the lane next to me."  The vulenrability of a motorcyclist is beyond great--it's astronomical.

Indianapolis Motorcyle Lawyers Safety Awareness

With regard to a motorcyclists' responsibility, Indiana offers riders of all skill levels an Operator Safety Education Program.  Besides taking the course for the obvious safety enhancement reasons, bikers should know that they may be eligible for a rdeuction on their motorcycle insurance if they complete the course! Not only is that a great incentive, it ensures that riders are fully educated and trained in proper avoidance techniques while on the roadways with cars, trucks, and semis.

In the end, the name of the game is "size."  A motorcyclist is much more likley to be in your blindspot due to their smaller size, and if you're still driving in a "winter driving" state of mind, you might be the witness (or cause) to a tragic accident. 

The message to automobile drivers is simple: slow down and BE AWARE of the possibility that a motorcyclist or bicyclist my be next to, behind, or in front of you.
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