Polaris Vehicles Marketed to Kids Have Been Recalled for Fire Hazards

The Polaris RZR logo, as seen on the vehicle.Polaris’ off road, side-by-side vehicles are backed by adult enthusiasts all over the country. So, it is no shock that the company has found success selling recreational vehicles marketed to kids. Polaris is the only recreational vehicle manufacturer in the industry who has a youth sport side-by-side which they say is engineered to give kids ages 10 and up the thrill of driving while providing “crucial safety features parents will love.” The company touts that their Youth Fleet includes “The Ultimate Kids Sport Side-by-Sides.”

Hundreds of Thousands of Polaris Vehicles Have Been Recalled For Safety Issues and Fire Hazards

Though the vehicles have parental control over speed and come with a safety kit, these vehicles are far from safe. Hundreds of thousands of Polaris vehicles with model years between 2008-2018 were recalled for fire and crash hazards. These recalls included the 2015 and 2017 Youth RZR 170. It was discovered that the 2015 model had a fuel pump ring that can leak posing a fire hazard.

The 2017 RZR 170 Youth model was recalled due to a fuel tank crack and wiring that can overheat or short circuit causing fuel leak and fire hazard. Other Polaris Youth vehicles have been recalled due to crash hazards.

If your child has a Polaris Youth vehicle, immediately stop use and check for recalls here. These vehicles pose a serious and potentially deadly risk to children using them.

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