In November 2020 Daniel and his 9-year-old daughter were leisurely driving a friend’s 2017 Polaris RZR 900 on an ATV trail in Dennysville, Maine. The vehicle had roughly 1,000 miles on it and had only been serviced at Polaris-certified dealerships. There had been no problems or malfunctions in the past. Daniel was traveling at about 30-35 miles per hour when he felt extreme heat behind him and heard a popping noise. When he looked back he saw that the atv engine was in flames. Luckily, he and his daughter were able to escape without injury. However, within a matter of minutes, the entire vehicle was fully engulfed. A local park ranger came to the scene and said that he has seen several similar Polaris fires on the trail.

Polaris Denies Their Known Issues Caused This Fire, Without Citing Evidence

The owner of the RZR, Charles, called Polaris and an inspector came out. Though the vehicle was identified as part of the recall, the inspector told the owner that there was a wiring malfunction and therefore nothing Polaris could do. The owner feels that this is yet another way Polaris is covering up the issues. The vehicle was burned so badly it was unrecognizable – there were not any visible wires. Charles believes that improper ventilation combined with fuel leakage, a common and known Polaris problem, caused the fire.

Charles asked that we share his story in hopes that it will make others more aware of the dangers of Polaris RZRs and other off-road vehicles. Charles said that he is “very disappointed in Polaris” and “can’t believe that a machine like that can burn up so quickly.”

Polaris Lawsuits Are Being Filed Now

Situations like Daniel's are happening across the country. Polaris has known about the issues that cause these fires, and it's clear that even RZRs repaired under recall are still at risk of combusting. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a Polaris fire, please contact Keller & Keller today to learn more about your legal rights.

The front view of the burnt remains of a Polaris RZR, taken in Maine.The rear view of the burnt remains of a Polaris RZR, taken in Maine.

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