A Polaris RZR accelerates through a field.

Polaris holds itself out as a leader in the power sports industry with 2018 annual sales of $6.1 billion. They tout “innovative, high-quality” products including the Ranger, RZR, and General. These “high-quality” products are the same models that have faced over 600,000 recalls due to fire risk over the last 14 years. Nowhere on Polaris’ Investor Relations website will you see any mention of Polaris recalls, fires, injuries, or death.

However, talk to the victims and you will hear a different story. Lawsuits filed reveal that Polaris knew of more than 40 fires causing injury as early as 1999 – over 20 years ago. Major problems with the ProStar Engine emerged almost immediately. Even after repairs, recalls, and a historically large fine, vehicles are still catching on fire. It has become apparent that there is no single cause for the fires, with recalls mentioning an array of issues including leaking fuel lines and tanks, overheating engines, and inadequate heat shields.

Keylee’s Story

Among those injured in Polaris, fires is Keylee Latham. The 2015 lawsuit tells her a harrowing story. Then 11-year-old Keylee was riding as a rear seat passenger in a 2010 Polaris Ranger when the vehicle took a turn from a gravel road and tipped over onto its side trapping Keylee under the vehicle and roll bar. The Ranger began leaking gasoline and caught fire. As a result, the vent line, located dangerously under Keylee’s seat leaked gasoline onto the vehicle, the ground, and the child’s body resulting in a fire that burned Keylee and consumed the vehicle. Keylee narrowly avoided death but suffered third and fourth-degree burns over 60% of her body. Her recovery was strenuous and painful resulting in over 20 surgeries and the amputation of both of her legs. Despite her trials, Keylee has grown into an amazing teenager who strives to empower other burn victims and amputees.

Nevertheless, Polaris continues to develop, manufacture, advertise, promote, market, and sell Polaris models without having come to a full resolution of the fire issues.

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