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There are many personal injury attorneys to choose from, but not all are created equal. After you have been in a serious accident, you need to focus on your recovery and taking care of yourself and your family. You need an experienced attorney who can take care of your interests. Choosing the right attorney is crucial to the outcome of your case.

Polaris ATV accidents cases can be complicated. You deserve an attorney with experience and results. To insure that you are in good hands, avoid making the following 7 common mistakes people make when hiring a Polaris injury attorney.

Mistake #1: Hiring a Family Friend

Everyone knows an attorney or knows someone who knows an attorney. Just because you have a personal connection with them does not make them the right attorney for your case. Would you go to a cardiologist for an eye injury? Attorneys also have specialties. Unless your family friend is an expert in Polaris ATV cases, you should probably look elsewhere.

Mistake #2: Not Asking the Right Questions about Your Polaris Lawsuit

When hiring an attorney it is important that you interview them and ask tough questions. Ask how long they have been practicing. Ask about their record of success and case results. Be sure to ask them about their process and communication style. Polaris lawsuits are unique because they require specialization, access to experts, and technical understanding.

Mistake #3: Believing False Promises.

Attorneys that tell you up front exactly how much your case is worth, how long it will take to settle, or promise a victory are likely being disingenuous and trying to win your business with false promises. No one can promise a victory or tell you how much your case is worth – and that is ok because every case is different. Our number one goal at Keller & Keller is to recover the maximum amount of compensation we can for your accident and ensure you receive a fair settlement. One promise we can make is that we fight to win.

Mistake #4: Not Hiring an Attorney Soon Enough

Though there is no clear cut answer on when to hire an attorney, generally speaking, the sooner the better. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is even more critical in Polaris fire and rollover cases so that the attorney can ensure that evidence will be preserved and that every angle is investigated immediately. An experienced attorney will have their investigator request investigative reports including photos and video right away, immediately secure the evidence and scene, and interview witnesses before memories fade.

Mistake #5: Hiring a Generalist Instead of a Specialist.

A specialist is a person highly skilled in a specific field. A generalist is competent in several different fields. You don’t want an attorney with general knowledge of personal injury or Polaris ATV accidents. Instead you want an expert; an attorney who has worked on similar cases and has spent years training and studying the specific subject matter. Not only does Keller & Keller specialize in personal injury and representing injured people, but we have the accolades to prove it.

Mistake #6: Not Reading Reviews.

Nothing speaks to an attorney’s reputation more than reviews and testimonials from their current and past clients. At Keller & Keller, our clients come first. We advocate for each client; treating each case as a priority and consistently providing open communication. We encourage potential clients to read our client testimonials.

Mistake #7: Believing You Can’t Afford Quality Legal Representation.

Quality legal representation should be available to all. Luckily most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis meaning that nothing is paid up front and all fees are taken out at the end of the case when a recovery is made. At Keller & Keller, we offer a Zero-Fee Guarantee which promises that you’ll never pay us a dime until your case is won or settled.

We're Accepting Polaris Cases Nationwide

Keller & Keller has a multi-state presence and we are accepting Polaris ATV cases nationally. We have the team and the resources to come to you, hear your story, and investigate the evidence. Call us today to speak with an attorney.

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