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Pregnant Women Require Urgent Care After Car Accidents

Jade Fox knew that the health and safety of her child were too important to leave to chance.

Ms. Fox was riding as a passenger in a vehicle driven by 26-year-old Vincennes, Indiana resident Tyler Seals as it traveled along Niblack Road on February 16, 2011. Around 5;25 p.m., Mr. Seals was traveling at a high rate of speed when he allegedly lost control of the 1998 Pontiac.

Investigators say the vehicle left the roadway and made contact with a nearby utility pole. Mr. Seals tried to convince Ms. Fox to move into the driver's seat and take responsibility for the crash.

When she refused, he fled on foot. When paramedics arrived, Ms. Fox sought transport to Good Samaritan Hospital, despite experiencing only minor pain to her neck.

It seems Ms. Fox, who was carrying Mr. Seals' unborn child, wisely sought medical attention in the interest of protecting her vulnerable fetus. 

The bond between a mother and her child is priceless. Even before that child is born, women must do everything in their power to protect their offspring.

What could be more devastating experience for a mother than to lose her child before, or shortly after birth, due to a car accident?

Anytime a pregnant woman is involved in a car accident, no matter the size of the collision, or whether or not they believe that they are OK, it's imperative that they remember one critical message: seek immediate medical attention.

Even if the accident was minor and the injury appears to be almost non-existent, complications for both mother and child can arise as the pregnancy progresses. Consulting with a qualified medical professional starts a paper trail, one that can clearly connect a single incident (such as an accident) with an ongoing medical situation.

Do not take it upon yourself to diagnose your own status, leave it to a physician. We have heard too many tales of miscarriages, birth defects, and high-risk pregnancy that followed an auto accident for you to risk not being checked out by a medical professional.

Keller & Keller has posted an informative document in our library section that discusses some of the questions you may have regarding the correlation that exists between pregnancy and car crashes. It also defines many helpful terms that your doctor may discuss with you.

Please take the time to read through this document, and even if you don't want to hire an attorney, call us with any questions you may have.

If you're an expectant mother whose been injured in a traffic accident, get the advice of a qualified Indiana accident lawyer by contacting Keller & Keller.

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