Serious Consequences: Common Indiana Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Because of the lack of safety restraints and the lack of a protective cage, Indiana motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries more often than other types of vehicle accidents. More often than not, motorcycle riders who strike an object are thrown from their bike and become airborne during a crash, resulting in injuries that range from scraped skin to fatal traumatic brain injuries.

Our Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney takes a closer look at the three most common motorcycle injuries:

  • Road Rash. There's a reason that many bikers choose to wear leather - and it isn't to look cool. Leather and other thick protective materials can help protect bikers against road rash - painful skin abrasions caused when a motorcycle rider skids along the pavement after a crash. While it only sounds like an annoyance, road rash can be painful and permanently disfiguring. Road rash has a tendency to become infected, and some may require skin grafts and surgery. 
  • Bone fractures. When a motorcycle collides with an object, the bike often stops, while the rider keeps going. In many cases, the biker's worst injury occurs at the point where he or she first makes contact with the ground after a crash. The result is that many riders need medical care for broken arms, broken legs, broken wrists, and broken ankles. Because of the force associated with these accidents, these bone fractures could require surgery and could have lifelong consequences. 
  • Traumatic brain injuries. If a motorcyclist strikes his or her head during a motorcycle accident, they could suffer from a concussion, a minor brain injury, or a fatal blow to the head. It is the leading cause of fatal motorcycle injuries. While a motorcycle helmet will minimize damage and save lives, it is important to understand that helmets will not completely protect you from a head injury during a wreck. woman with head injury from motorcycle accident at the hospital next to window

As you can see, motorcycle accident injuries can be painful, long-term, and costly. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, the at-fault party may be responsible for your medical bills, your lost wages, and your pain and suffering. To learn more about a possible personal injury claim, contact the Indianapolis motorcycle attorneys at Keller & Keller LLP today.

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