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Class Action Lawsuits Heat Up Over Defective Airbags

Defective airbag attorneys across the country are gearing up to build a massive lawsuit against Takata airbag suppliers. The Japanese company has come under intense fire after the NHTSA's airbag warning that SEVERAL manufacturers had installed faulty airbags on various years and models of vehicles.

Airbag Class Action Lawsuits

Looking to strengthen their clients' lawsuits against Takata, several lawyers have asked that the multiple class action lawsuits be combined in one federal court. This would give the attorneys and their injured clients an advantage by allowing them to combine legal strategy and money to fight the large airbag supplier.

(A similar tactic was taken against in the Toyota acceleration cases. In this instance, attorneys for the plaintiffs were able to combine the lawsuits in a California federal court, ultimately resulting in a ruling that saw Toyota settling for over $1 billion.)

The current request of venue for the combined class action lawsuit is in Miami, where two cases have already been filed against Takata. The attorneys maintain that a combined approach will streamline the entire process, allowing evidence gathering and case handling to become much more timely and effective.

Florida has become the choice destination due to the number of injuries that have occurred in the state due to the defective airbags. In fact, it's believed that Takata's airbag systems suffer from bad welds, leaving them susceptible to corrosion. And while the recall is in effect for car owners everywhere, it's believed that in states such as Florida where humidity is higher, the welds on the airbag system can be at elevated risk.

If the courts satisfy the wishes of the attorneys, then the defective airbag lawsuits would be filed as national and sate class actions, meaning those looking to recover from Takata would be represented in one large group.

Hurt by a defective airbag?

If you are thinking about hiring a defective airbag attorney to help you recover compensation for your injuries, be sure to speak to a law firm that offers a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that we'll never charge you for a consultation, we'll cover all investigation expenses associated with the class action lawsuit, and the only way we recover money for our legal services is if you receive compensation.

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James R. Keller
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own 2 of the recalled vehicles for passenger air bag problems...a 2005 dodge pickup,and a 2011 subaru.I received the recall notice for the dodge months ago and when I contacted the dealer I was told no parts available and to not let anyone ride in the passenger seat.Just received the recall notice frim subaru,same thing no parts.I bought these vehicles to use,not park,yet that seems what I am being told to do.Nobody knows when or if parts will be available so what is my recourseif any ?
by sol brinsfield August 2, 2016 at 09:54 AM
I am trying to find out if I have a valid case concerning the Tarkata Airbags class action lawsuit.
by Willie Callaway February 25, 2016 at 11:46 AM
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