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Is GM Still Trying To Cover Up Their Ignition Switch Recall?

GM's reputation continues to take a beating in light of evidence that the company is making a habit of withholding information related to the the defective ignition switch recall. 

The most recent news we've uncovered involves GM having ordered 500,000 ignition switches in December 2013 from their supplier Delphi Automotive. Specifically, a series of emails between a contract worker with GM and Delphi indicate that GM placed an "urgent" order on December 18th for the new ignition switches. Ironically enough, the order was placed 1 day after GM executive had met to discuss the serious problems associated with the Cobalt's ignition. 

And while this doesn't necessarily sound suspicious at first glance, it was later learned that GM waited a full two months after ordering the replacement switches before they issued a recall on the vehicles that were known to have caused traumatic injuries and deaths. (As stated on our GM ignition lawsuit page, once GM finally announced the first recall it had to continue announcing further recalls despite knowing about the additional cars that were also affected.)

A leading critic of GM, Senator Richard Blumenthal, was quoted as saying that GM's "continuing purposeful concealment strains credulity, and stains the company's conscience -- setting back efforts to reclaim GM's good name." 

The senator's statement is pointed and harsh, but perhaps nothing will every be strong enough to express the sentiment of family members and friends who have lost a loved one as a result of GM's purposeful negligence in attempting to cover up the faulty ignitions that are shutting off the consumers' vehicles and disabling their airbags.

As we wait to learn more about the inexcusable acts of GM, our legal network continues to investigate claims on behalf of people injured or killed by a GM car that was outfitted with a faulty ignition switch. The majority of cases being filed involve death that occurred after the ignition shut off and caused airbag failure during a collision.

It's important to note that a victim need not have been in an accident with another vehicle to recover potential compensation from GM. If you were a driver or passenger in any of the vehicles on the GM recall list, and you were involved in a collision that resulted from a loss of power, you may have a lawsuit against GM.

Do you have a GM ignition recall lawsuit?

The lawsuits being filed against GM will require a combination of time, years of legal experience, and money. Our legal network offers each of these to its clients.

If you or a loved one were injured or suffered fatal injuries as a result of a crash involving a recalled GM vehicle, it's critical that you contact one of our attorneys immediately. Early involvement allows us to ensure evidence isn't destroyed, GM is appropriately put on notice of your claim, and a thorough, professional investigation is performed.

You can reach one of our ignition recall attorneys by dialing 1-800-253-5537, or you can write to us with the details of your potential claim by using our free contact form

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