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The Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Is Your Vehicle On The List?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Adminsitration (NHTSA) has issued a stern warning to the public: "Act immediately" if you're an owner of any one of several cars included in a massive Takata airbag recall. (See the list of vehicles under recall here.)

Since 2008, numerous vehicles with Takata air bag systems have been subject to recalls, however, it's only in the past few days that the NHTSA has dramatically increased the number of vehicles included in the recall. Shockingly, some of the vehicles under the recall notice have been on our highways and interstates since 2000!

Car and truck owners are now being left to wonder why it has taken so long to identify the increased number of vehicles with defective air bags that pose a deadly risk to drivers and their passengers.

According to the recall notice, the air bags supplied by Takata are plagued by defective metal inflator equipment that bursts as a result of too much pressure. The problem was initially thought to primarily affect vehicles that were subject to humid temperatures, however, additional research on the defective air bags has revealed that the metal inflators are also being damaged by rust and bad welds.

Specifically, when one of the defective Takata air bags deploys, it is rupturing or "exploding," causing shrapnel to expel from the air bag system. Occupants of the car run a serious risk of incurring traumatic and/or fatal injuries in these cases.

Were you injured by a defective Takata air bag?

We are working with attorneys who are currently investigating the cases involving injuries and/or death caused by defective Takata air bags.Our legal network allows us to front all the necessary costs to ensure your potential case is thoroughly investigated and professionally handled. 

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